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It's what we do!

We appreciate your business and all of our loyal customers. We also appreciate the people who have helped us be successful, including Joseph Fields Farms and T&T Kettle Corn.

Our sincere thanks to Joseph Fields Farms for their vegetables, which we have always found to be exceptional. We found out before we started RightOnQue how wonderful their certified local organic vegetables are since we were part of their CSA.  We really liked how they ran their CSA - they let you pick out your box of vegetables and fruits instead of giving you a preboxed container. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fields have always been so helpful and work hard to bring people healthy fruits and vegetables to the farmers market in Charleston. We are fortunate to have them at the local farmers markets and to have their vegetables in many of our local restaurants. 

If you get a chance, check out Joseph Fields Farms heirloom tomatoes, corn, and any of the heirloom produce they have. Those are usually our favorites!  We thank you for all of your help - you and your staff. Joseph Fields Farms has outstanding vegetables, fruits, and customer service.

T&T Kettle Corn (Bo, that's you!!) for helping us make good decisions and understand market policies, providing encouragement and entertainment! Oh, and for many delicious bags of kettlecorn, and helping us out when we didn't have enough dollar bills for change!

We have enjoyed working with the vendors at the Charleston Farmers Market - there is a lot of support and encouragement for each other. We enjoy sampling other vendors' food and beverages. All of the food vendors are listed on the Charleston Farmers Market website.

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Who help us create the meals we serve to you

We acknowledge the following vendors for their hard work and consistent excellent quality.

Joseph Fields Farms - for the outstanding vegetables we use every market. For us, the veggies and fruits picked on their farm is organic, something we believe in. These vegetables taste like vegetables used to, when they were staples of the American meal. We use their cabbages and onions for the Carolina coleslaw, the tomatoes and cucumbers for the tomato & cucumber salad, the fresh organic corn on the cob, collards (when our love for southern food outweighs the effort to prepare them!), and sweet potatoes (seasonal for fries). 

Saffron's Bakery - for the excellent buns we use every market for our sandwiches. Their brioche buns are made from real butter and have a faint sweetness that really compliments our meat and bbq sauce. They have a restaurant and bakery on East Bay Street where we used to take the family for special events. Good food, good bread, good desserts! 

Charleston Tea Plantation - for the tea we've been using at home for a decade or more, and it's the only tea we serve at the Charleston Farmer's Market every week. Since it's our favorite beverage, it's what we serve at the market too. If you haven't been out there to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation, you might want to - it's an interesting and peaceful tour. Not to mention you get to try some of their tasty tea also! 

We admire all the farmers at the market for their hard work and perserverance.  Without the farmers, we'd have no local food supply. Thank you!