We were certified by Destination-BBQ as having authentic True 'Cue so you know it's good! If you want to know more about our pitmaster and his journey into the barbecue world, check out Conversations Around the Burn Barrel: Q&A with Gregg Howard of Charleston’s RightOnQue at Destination-BBQ.

We serve our meats unsauced, but you can get sauced with any of our 6 "from scratch" sauces.  We hear repeatedly that it's the sauces that really put our pulled pork barbeque "over the top".

As it cooks....the Pitmaster controls the fire and times it just perfectly... and this is where his decades of experience result in the best barbecue for our customers. It's what makes the difference - tending the fires as long as it takes and knowing how to yield the best flavors.

First step - wood gathering. Our meats are smoked with local woods from local sources we've connected with through the years. We never fell trees, we are using only pruned wood or naturally fallen trees. We even had a Clemson student bring us apple wood from an upstate apple orchard on his trip home (thanks Seth!). Our Big Red truck that brings wood (with a lot of help from people!) is a big help in our venture.​ 

We will introduce specialty barbeque sauces occasionally for a little variety. We’ve created our own

(fresh) blueberry chipotle sauce, and bourbon peach pecan (using peaches fresh from Joseph Fields Farms).  There's usually a few sauces in our test kitchen whenever we have a spare minute, always looking to bring you  creative, new, fun flavors.  Barbeque sauces reflecting the traditional flavors - just as Charleston steeped in its traditional beauty is always fresh, creative and festive.  A taste of southern Americana.  If you ask what our family's favorite is, we'd say the Original sauce (light tomato) we started with from Hell Hole Swamp.

​But some of our meats are best unsauced with just the smoky goodness of the meat flavor....

Then the Pitmaster uses his decades of experience. All of the meats are rubbed in our signature RightOnQue rub, a blend of sugar, salt and spices. After a nice rubdown, we cook the meat for up to 14 hours, chicken takes the least time and the pork shoulders take the longest. The brisket is the trickiest, but well worth the end results! Our St. Louis style bbq pork spare ribs are always a winner. While the meat is cooking, we add wood and let it do its job.  Every bbq catering service we provide is prepared in this artisanal style, and is cooked by the pitmaster or assistant pitmaster.

The Barbeque!!

RightOnQue BBQ - artisan slow smoked style

If you want authentic True 'Cue South Carolina BBQ, we've got it! Our pitmaster was born in Charleston, lived here all his life, and has been perfecting his barbeque in Charleston for decades. It is smoked old school artisan-stye in a closed pit 12 to 14 hour process.  The meat is cooked at low temperatures and slow-smoked to ensure a thick smoke ring with tasty "bark" and tender texture that's the sign of real "barbeque". BBQ in Charleston is traditionally pork, but true barbeque technique can be used on most meats.