Starting in 2014 we began to branch out from competitions and the Farmers Market and began focusing on our catering. Check out some of the great food we've served in our Catering section and Catering Gallery.  We love serving our authentic Charleston South Carolina barbecue cooked over wood knowing that it's "BBQ Done Right". We also do Lowcountry Shrimp Boils and Oyster Roasts.

Our highlight of 2015 we'd have to say was being at Striped Pig Distillery and Bowen's Island Restauarant, filming with Chef Shannon Ambrosio for the Big Bad BBQ Brawl on the Cooking Channel! We were invited to be in the Meat and Potato Brawl - we learned a lot about how much effort goes in to filming a TV production! We also enoyed bringing the opportunity to our friends and loyal customers to participate with us and share some great Charleston barbecue.  We were pleased to also meet Sydney Gallimore, Charleston food blogger, and K. Cooper Ray of Social Primer - he was a regular on Bravo TV's Southern Charm! 2015 was also memorable since we got to meet and talk with Ted Allen from Food Network during one of the Charleston Farmers Markets - never know who you'll see there! We were pretty stoked especially since the Pitmaster's favorite tv channels are the Cooking Channel and Food Network.






  In 2016 and 2018, we also had the opportunity to serve a group of bands at the Music Farm at Riverfront Park in North Charleston, SC - the pitmaster's old stomping grounds. It's a beautiful peaceful quiet place to visit, and a great place for concerts!

Our Journey in 2018 has brought us the opportunity to have an actual storefront located at the edge of our neighborhood! We are privileged to serve some of our long time neighbors, and meet new ones! Just when you start thinking you've had such a challenging and interesting journey already, there are still new places to go and things to see. We're enjoying all of the things the new location offers, talking with customers on the patio, enjoying the fresh air and flowers, and still serving up our delicious bbq smoked over wood, with our housemade barbecue sauces as we always have. We offer BYOB at the new location, and cornhole games to play while you're there.

.​​2016 got off to a good start with our original partner's daughter joining our Charleston Farmers Market team. We are really glad she was able to work with us, and also that the Pitmaster's daughter was able to help us out in between studying.

We were asked to come back and cook a whole hog for the Lowcountry Hoedown 2016. There were a lot of people in boots, plaid and bluegrass that also got to enjoy an authentic Lowcountry Pig Pickin'! Here's a few of our favorite pictures from it for you to enjoy!

​​The story of our Barbeque

Pitmaster Gregg Howard’s parents were from the small town of Andrews, SC near Jamestown, SC and Hell Hole Swamp. Before he was born they moved to Charleston, SC. Our original sauce is a generations-old family recipe from Hell-Hole Swamp.

Pitmaster Gregg, dubbed "the Barbeque Man" or "Rib Man" by the locals, is a native born and bred Charlestonian, but still enjoys get-togethers with the rest of the family in Andrews, SC.  Getting together means eating the fresh vegetables from their gardens, farm fresh eggs, and also fresh meat. Gatherings there are a delightful sharing of Southern cuisine!


Growing up, his dad grew vegetables for their table. Thankfully, he learned to cook from his mom and dad, and inherited from them a love of cooking and a knowledge of Southern cuisine. He dazzled dates with his cooking, and pleased his family with many chef-quality meals.  And of course, there were always parties for the children and their friends. It all seemed to just blossom into a constant, never-ending delight to show Southern food and hospitality for family and friends.  

In 2004, Gregg entered the Carolina Pig Pickin' with a $125 offset smoker from Lowe's. He parked it right across from a smoker rig that we guessed to cost upwards of $50,000. Out of a field of over 70 competitors, his ribs won first place, beating out a nationally known competitor's ribs. His whole hog finished top ten as well. He was hooked!  

Until 2011, barbeque took a backseat to making a living in the corporate world, and cooking though always a passion, remained a hobby.

In 2011, with encouragement and help from a good friend (thank you Mark!), they founded Charleston's RightOnQue. RightOnQue submitted an application for the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square, and was invited to jury for admission to the market. We started as a rotating vendor in 2012, and made full-time the same year.  We were fully on our journey to provide bbq in Charleston.

In 2012, RightOnQue was also invited to apply to be a vendor at the first annual Charleston Lowcountry Hoedown which was held at the Charleston Visitor's Center Bus Shed. RightOnQue decided to attend for the public exposure, experience, and of course for the fun of it! 

Not only did we attend and fully enjoy it, but that night we won first place in the food competition! We won first place, people's choice best food award from a crowd of about 1500 people! While we feel our barbeque is excellent, we were very aware that our competitors had some slammin' great food as well.  We were honored to have won.  Our western hats off to the Gusto Group for a great event that was well planned and coordinated!  

In 2013, we again won Fan Favorite Best Food Lowcountry Hoedown award, competing with other bbq pitmasters. Once again, a truly fun event from the Gusto Group! Made a happy bbq pitmaster and crew! 

We were also glad to congratulate our friends at Striped Pig Distillery who won 2013 Fan Favorite Best Drink Lowcountry Hoedown award!