We can provide:

  • We bring the food to you in disposable sheet pans
  • Buffet Full Setup and Breakdown
  • Beverage Area Full Setup and Breakdown
  • Food Prep area Setup and Breakdown
  • Staff will be wearing company t-shirts/collar shirts/aprons
  • Stainless Serving Utensils and Baskets for Buns
  • We provide complimentary heavy-duty paper plates, plasticware, and eco-friendly paper or plastic cups, and ice
  • If desired by customer, we will bring the serving tables and cloth table coverings in black, red, tan, ivory, or white. Usually we will have either placemats or wipeable coverings to ensure the table stays as fresh/clean as possible during your event


  • Setup and breakdown of Food Prep Area and Food Serving Area

  • Stainless cookers and pitmaster and staff on site

  • 3  6' tables for serving your guests.

  • Oyster knives and shell buckets

  • Paper towel holders and plenty of paper towels

  • Our staff will make sure the condiments are refilled and the food is replenished as needed.

  • Our staff will periodically remove the shells during the event

Want Great food without the hassle?

We've got you covered! 

  • We serve Regional barbeque by a local experienced pitmaster. He'll be tending the pits through the night to provide you the freshest food. Each order is custom made, and the meat is cooked over wood. ​

  • We use Locally sourced vegetables, scratch made sides, fresh brewed local Charleston Tea Plantation tea

  • We can make your barbeque a drop-off, casual full service or very upscale full service

  • Local oysters and shrimp for your oyster roast or shrimp boil 

  • We're experienced, local, and have great food.​ What you're getting with us is a pitmaster with 20 years of experience with barbeque and cooking southern cuisine. 


  • Setup and Breakdown of Food Prep Area and Food Serving Area

  • Stainless cookers on site with pitmaster and staff on site

  • 3 6' tables and coverings for food service

  • cocktail sauce bowls

  • paper towel holders and plenty of paper towels 

  • ​Paper bowls or plates and plastic forks, spoons, knives.


Formal FULL SERVICE catering:

    We can provide:

  • Smoker on site if venue allows/customer requests
  • Tables for food service and tablecloths in ivory, white, red, or black
  • Beverage Dispensers for beverage station
  • Stainless Chafing Dishes and Serving Dishes/Baskets & Stainless Serving Utensils for the Buffet
  • Full uniformed staff to replenish the buffet and beverages as needed. Pitmaster usually wears his chef coat.
  • Buffet full Setup and Breakdown
  • Beverage Station (non-alcoholic) full Setup and Breakdown
  • Setup and Breakdown of Food Prep area
  • Complimentary heavy-duty paper plates, and eco-friendly paper or plastic cups. We offer round white tempered glass Ikea plates and restaurant beaded flatware as un upscale option from paper/plastic.

Need information not on this page? Feel free to email our Catering Manager at catering@bbqcharlestonsc.com.

While we have most of the serving items needed for most events, any different style will need to be rented. We can provide a list of recommended items you will need from the rental company for the service table/stations. Basically if you want everything to match to a certain standard, you may want to rent everything for serving the food also (serving bowls, tongs, beverage dispensers, etc.). We do not get involved with any rental contracts.

We arrive with the food at the required serving temperature, and will place in the area you designate. The food will be in disposable aluminum pans. If you order brisket, the pitmaster will have to slice on site.  We will also provide:

  • Complimentary Heavy-duty paper plates

  • Paper or recycled plastic cups with tea order. Tea will be in plastic gallon jugs

  • Disposable metal serving utensils

  • Paper napkins



We bring our setup with the local oysters or shrimp. We'll cook them fresh on site and make sure the tables stay cleared for shucking and eating.


​Delivery Only: